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FS Lilliput 7" faceplate fabbed into Saturn ION dash

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  • FS Lilliput 7" faceplate fabbed into Saturn ION dash

    Well, life hit me hard and now I'm selling everything.
    Sold the entire CarPuter to someone local and all I have left if the fabbed in Lilliput faceplate in my ION dash.
    It's about 90% complete on the fabrication. I spent a while doing the fab work but had to hurrily paint it so as to keep my wife from *****ing at how ugly it looked. (anyone who is married will understand)
    The faceplate itself is integrated perfectly and I'll get some more pics of it tomorrow, but right now this single pic will have to suffice.
    Above the faceplate I had planned on fabbing a DVD drive in, but filled it with some body filler for the time being as I thought I might get around to removing it and finishing the whole thing up at a later date. Since I work in a shop removing globs of body filler is no problem.
    The body filler above the face plate is cracked a little, you probably can't see it in the pic provided, but it will have to be redone.
    All in all it does look rather nice, and if anyone goes the route I was planning and fabs a DVD above the screen it will make for a nice piece of work.
    I'm asking $100.00 for it, considering a new bezel costs more than that, and whomever gets this from me will get to keep their stock one in case they ever sell their car. But I'll more than likely take the best offer I get.
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      I should be more specific here.
      The lilliput has been sold, the buyer is purchasing another housing for it
      what I am selling here is the lilliput faceplate already fabbed into a saturn ION stereo bezel
      sorry for the confusion