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cool mini computer LCD touchscreen

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  • cool mini computer LCD touchscreen

    Here's a cool self contained hand held computer. Intermec PenKey 6620
    This thing is really rugged, all the covers have rubber seals and it looks like it could take a beating and keep going. This one is used but it's in very good shape. Some signs of use but no signs of wear except for the battery pack which seems a little low on capacity. Maybe it just needs to be charged and cycled a few times.

    AMD 133 mhz cpu

    16 megs ram (48 max)

    1.25gb hard drive

    PS/2 port

    serial port

    infra red port

    docking port

    2 pc card slots

    built in antenna for wireless PC card (no wireless PC card included)

    internal battery pack (works but it's capacity seems to be down)

    RJ45 modem connection (I don't think the modem is installed)

    110/220 VAC to 12 volt 4.2 amp power supply

    Win 95 with certificate

    owners manual

    onscreen keyboard

    handwriting recognition

    The touch screen was designed to be used with the stylus but it will respond to a firm finger tap. The display is 640x480 monochrome with I think 256 shades of gray. The manual shows a 12 volt vehicle power cord that's available, it appears to be just a cord so this thing can probably be run right off the car battery. I'll send the manuals to anyone who wants them, maybe someone else can figure it out.

    I was going to use this to flash different programs into the PCM in my car when I go to the drag strip, now that I have a carputer built into the dash I don't need this anymore.

    There's an antenna and extra power connector built in by the PC card slots for some type of wireless PC card, the card used a special standard and it was not included when I recieved this unit.

    $125 or best reasonable offer. Guaranteed against DOA. $15 to ship continental USA only. PayPal or MO. I have an excellent rep on ebay and I take pride in being a good person to do business with.

    I'll consider a partial trade for a serial GPS, USB 802.11g adapter (not the small type that looks like a memory stick) or a good sized 7200 rpm 3.5 hard drive.

    If anyone is interested I have the users manual (1.81mb) and the tech guide (1.44mb) in .pdf I can email it to you.

    It goes on eBay next week if no sale here.
    Chris Krug
    owner, turbine minivan

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    Nifty, i'm assuming theres no sound card?


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      no sound, and I don't know if there's a provision for sound
      Chris Krug
      owner, turbine minivan


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        would the unit be splash proof in any way?


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          BTW it looks like the same unit that Home Depot uses in their stores.
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            I wonder what dvds would look like on it!!
            2-15" ILO lcd w/DVI
            6800 gt Duel DVI out
            p4 1.6ghz flex atx board
            1gb 400 ram
            120gb(2-60gb raid) sata hd
            2-60gb hotswap
            WIN2K Pro SP2
            M.A.M.E. w/2,300 games
            CARPuter info


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              It's meant to be used in the field, the manual says it's ruggedized. It has seals everywhere. I could send you the tech manual and the users manual if you want to take a look at them. they're arouind 2 megs each
              Chris Krug
              owner, turbine minivan


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                I'd like to see the spec sheet - YGPM