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  • FS PS2 & XBOX

    Let me know if your interested, in either looking for $150 for the PS2 and $150 for the Xbox with all the xtras like memory card and 3 games a piece. For the Xbox, i have Simpsons race game, Dead to rights, and a race game, not sure the name.... PS2 I have Metal Gear Solid 2, Madden 2002, and a race car game as well.... PS2 comes with an extra controller, and the memory card, Xbox just the Memory card. I have the game shark cheat device for both that hooks up USB to your PC, and downloads to a memory card.

    like $10 to ship either, Paypal the way to get $$ to me, shipped same day... Both used maybe 10 times, and not needed by me any more....

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    Does the PS2 come w/ the network adapter? Also, do you know what versions both the PS2 & Xbox are?
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      Im interested in the X-Box. Find out what race game you have and how many controllers.

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        Games for Xbox

        For Xbox I have one controller, 3 games, Project Gotham Racing, Simpsons Racing, and Dead to rights. Also i have action Replay that comes with the PC hook up and 8 mb card.

        For PS2, i have two controllers, 3 games, Metal Gear Solid 2, Madden 2002, and Dirt to Daytona. I have the action replay, and codebreakers for the PS2. No network adapter.

        Both work great and are basically minimally used. $150 a system, shipping is whatever you want, and the exact charges of the shipping. No handling fee. paypal [email protected]


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          Price change

          I'll part with each system and its associated games and xtras for $120 plus exact shipping cost to where you are.... paypal me [email protected] or email me with questions.