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PIC ! FS ! Brand New 17" Widescreen Moniter Flips Down ! FS ! PIC

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  • PIC ! FS ! Brand New 17" Widescreen Moniter Flips Down ! FS ! PIC

    I am selling a Brand New, never opened, never used, not refurb, not used in any way moniter. This is a 17" widescreen moniter that flips down. It has very good High Resolution and most importantly a Wide Screen TFT Active Matrix Display. Ask anyone who is good with video and moniters, and they will tell you a good screen is one with a TFT Active Matrix Display.

    What makes this a better moniter is the widescreen, so your movies are not cut off but instead show the entire frame on the screen.

    This moniter includes a Domelight, which is a light just similar to the ones found in cars and trucks, sometimes called a maplight.

    It also has a great Resolution of 1152 x 234 Pixels, leaving nothing but quality video being displayed.

    This moniter includes Audio / Video Input Controls, to allow the user to control which item they would like to view, and switch at any time. You can hook up and display and device that has RCA outputs, such as xbox, ps2, ps1, gamecube, vhs, dvd, video camera, any just about anything else.

    The moniter includes Overhead Console Flip-Down Mounting Brackets so you can properly and securly install the moniter to the roof or any other place.

    A Wireless Remote Control is also included which allow any control to be exceuted on the control, wirelessly. You can change volume, switch inputs, and several other options too.

    The moniter is NTSC / PAL Compatible meaning it can play movies from all around the world, europe, asia, ameraica, ect.

    Also, the a Built-In Infrared Audio Transmitter with One Set of Headphones is included. The infared audio is very important because it allows much higher quality to be transmitted over an fm modular. A set of headphone is also included to listen to what is being viewed.

    Here is a rundown of just a few of the features-


    ·17" High Resolution Wide Screen TFT Active Matrix Display
    ·Resolution: 1152 x 234 Pixels
    ·Audio / Video Input Controls
    ·Overhead Console Flip-Down Mounting ·Bracket
    ·Wireless Remote Control
    ·On-Screen Menu System
    ·Built-In Dome Lights
    ·NTSC / PAL Compatible
    ·Built-In Infrared Audio Transmitter with One Set of Headphones Included

    Agian, this is a brand new, not refurb moniter and have never been used. I am selling to pay off people that I borrowed money for to build my stereo.

    I have a good history on paypal and ebay, with postive feedback and no negitave in all places.

    I am asking $450 shipped.

    Thanks alot
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      I'm very interested. Can you email me detailed specs? I'd like to know who the manufacturer is, model #, etc. How about a link to the manufacturer site? My email is [email protected].