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FS: Fujitsu subnotebook (B2131) small laptop with touchscreen

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  • FS: Fujitsu subnotebook (B2131) small laptop with touchscreen

    I have a Fujitsu B2131 with lots of extras.
    It's 9.8" (W) x 7.8 "(D) x 0.9"/1.3"(H) & weighs 3.14 lbs (3.37 lbs with Port Replicator).
    It's a Celeron 400 with 64MB of memory & 6GB HD (takes larger drives) running Windows 98.
    Like most Fujitsu Lifebooks, it feels snappier than that and it can play videos, MP3's, WMA's great.
    Included is the following
    Two batteries (one holds a charge about 1 1/2 hrs and the other only about 10-15 minutes so is probably garbage)
    port replicator
    external battery charger charges two batteries at a time without notebook
    CAR DC CLA power adapter
    original books & cd's
    external floppy drive
    AC adapter (smaller than normal)

    It's a nice tiny notebook and it would be great for a student or tech to have all the time in their backpack.

    I was going to use it as a carputer and run MediaCar on it. Since this has a touchscreen, it would be perfect for that application.
    My new car is a bit cramped inside for it though. I'd imagine you could disconnect the screen hinge and fold back the keyboard behind so it would look more like a plain touchscreen or tablet PC.

    It has a couple back pixels. One partial dead and one always lit. Doesn't distract when in Windows or MediaCar though. A couple of the keys on the left side are starting to wear, but they are still recognizable.
    It has normal scratches throughout the outside of the case, but no major ones (the shell is actually pretty tough). The screen is in great shape but since it is a touch screen, there are some minor scratches, but you can't really notice them when the screen is on unless you're looking for them. Screen doesn't always latch when it closes.

    All this for only $250 shipped

    Heatware under NordicNINE

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    u got picts??
    "I'm going back to Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), I'm going back to Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), I know so!!!!" Now I'm here!!

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      Is it possible to add RAM to it?
      D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

      Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

      Read the FAQ!