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FS: Toshiba 60gb and 30gb laptop hdd

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  • FS: Toshiba 60gb and 30gb laptop hdd

    For sale is a toshiba 60 gigs 2.5" laptop hard drive. This is almost new, I only used it in my external usb case to verify that it works and to format it. $90 shipped

    Also a 30 gig 2.5" laptop toshiba hard drive. This item was used from my laptop but in perfect working condition. $55 shipped

    Reason that I am selling is because I took out my car pc project and I need funds toward rebuilding my engine.

    Both hard drive garanteed not DOA.

    You can either pm me here or email me at [email protected]

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    I have a few questions on the 60GB...
    01) What's the drive speed?
    02) Are there any bad sectors?
    03) Are there any known issues w/ the drive?
    04) Will you stand behind your sale (ie. if the drive is found to be dead a week or so from now)?
    05) Does it come w/ the external case?
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      1) Dont know the drive speed but the model is mk6021gas
      2) No bad sectors as I have done nothing besides format the drive
      3) No issues, like I said before, the drive is almost new
      4) Yes, garanteed not DOA
      5) Do not come with external case but I can include a usb2.0 slim case for $25 more.