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  • FS: FREE Webspace

    OK, I'm going to try this again. A few weeks ago I offered free webspace for any carputer sites. I thought you guys would jump on this but I only got 3 responses, so I'm going to offer it again. This time I setup a auto sign up page I will accept the first 10 people who sign up. Im offering 50MB of storage, negotiable, unlimited bandwidth, unless I get slammed, webbased email, admin panel, blah blah. The only requirement is that you can only make this a carpc site or mostly carpc and you will need to be patient while I get all support pages and some site features worked out.

    sign up at

    get a domain name ready you will need it to keep your spot. If you have any questions email me at [email protected]

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    5 slots left

    5 slots have been filled, sign up before theyre gone.


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      Oooh cool... Free webspace for a carputer website...

      And I can Offer webhosting for a non-carputer website with PHP en MySQL.

      Just 0,15$ / Mb / year.

      So you can make your own hosting-packet..

      Mail me: peeceeboerke(at)