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FS: My Incar Computer Setup

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  • FS: My Incar Computer Setup

    as the topic states......

    small miniATX case with Scion logo Vinyl on the top.... (fits right under the seat)
    Opus 150 Watt power supply
    20GB Hard Drive
    4x DVD+/-RW, CDRW
    512MB DDR Ram
    D-Link Wireless G Network Card
    2.4Ghz Celeron Processor
    ONboard Sound
    onboard video
    onboard Lan
    USB Keyboard
    Usb HandHeld Trackball (the kind they use in presentations)
    Zip 250MB Drive w/ 3 disks
    Earthmate USB GPS
    Software Includes, Media Car, Frodo Player, Windows XP, Net Stumbler, Street Atlas 2004 and 2005 (retail) Delou Routis 2004

    $735 shipped for the whole package

    I will also include an "Intel Inside" Vinyl logo that i was going to place on my back window. (cost me $50 bucks)

    I also have a Xenarc 700TSV Custom Mounted in MDF to fit perfectly in a Double DIN radio location for sale. $300 shipped

    I am Willing to Negotiate these prices....

    I will post pictures shortly

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    interested in the xenarc. Waiting for pics. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      I will take pictures of the Xenarc later on, i need to pull it from the car, here are some pictures of the computer. I might consider parting it out, so dont hesitate to make me an offer.


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        Ill take that opus off your hands... LMK


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          still for sale, i can remove components of the setup to make it cheaper......for ex, the wireless card, the gps+software, the dvd+/-RW, zip drive, opus power supply, i can even put it in an eMachines case to knock the price down 20 bucks....if you are interested, let me know and we can work something out. and ill post the pics of the xenarc screen once i get a min to pull it out of my car, i've be real busy lately. thanks

          im going to give this a few more days, and if i still want to sell it and nobody is interested im going to part it, so check back....also...the gps and network card come with their orginal packaging, and so does the xenarc.


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            Aight well def put me down on the opus. LMK when u decide to split it up. Thanks


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              Ill take the GPS and the software


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                How much?

                How much for the D Link card?


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                  legend5761 How much for the D Link card?
                  i paid $70 for does 50 shipped sound? it will be packaged in its retail box with all the papers and software....


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                    whats the size of the case?
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                      No thanks

                      Sorry, I can get a new one on eBay for 32.99. Thanks.


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                        if the other guy doesn't take the OPUS , ill take it.


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                          how much for the gps and software ill get it if the one above me doesnt get it