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FS: Complete CAR PC System

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  • FS: Complete CAR PC System

    Sadly, I have to sell it. It's about a month old. Works great. I'm including the head unit suround (with ac vent and all the buttons), the wiring harness for touch screen hook up (no need to know how to do anything. Just take your old Stereo out, plug the wiring harness in and snap the screen in). The PC runs straight from the car battery. It can take 6-24V DC and sounds great. I do not get any noise. The Touchscreen hooks to the pc with an included usb and vga break out cable.


    XENARC 700TS Touchscreen Monitor
    Head Unit Suround
    Car PC (fit's nicely under passanger seat)
    All cables needed
    Windows XP Pro Preloaded and set up for car pc
    80 GIG WD External HDD
    4x50 Clarion Amp

    Asking Price is $1000.00+ Shipping.

    I will answer any questions. Im not turning a profit. Im selling it for less than what the parts cost.

    Email me at

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    Details on the MB, CPU and RAM?
    What PS does it have?
    D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

    Read the FAQ!


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      AMD Athlon 2400+M CPU

      2x256 DDR 400 Kingston RAM

      M7NCG 400 BIOSTAR NForce Motherboard W/ GeForce MX Graphics and 6 channel Audio

      Hitachi 20GIG Laptop HDD. 7200 RPM 8MB Cache

      M1-ATX Automotive Power Supply (

      15 Foot VGA Cable

      80GIG Western DIgital HDD in Ultra External USB 2.0/Firewire Case

      4x50 Clarion Amp

      Smart Automotive Power Supply
      - ATX, 6-24V wide input range
      - Intelligent shutdown controller
      - ON/OFF motherboard control
      - Survives vehicle engine cranks
      - Battery deep discharge prevention
      - High efficiency, 90 watts output
      - Works with 12V / 24V car batteries
      - "Anti-Thump" Amplifier remote control
      - Automotive fuse (mini-blade)

      XENARC 700TS 7" TFT LCD Monitor w/ VGA & Touch Screen
      800*600 32MIL Colors

      Great Display.

      Custom Monitor Suround.

      Boot up time is 15sec. It boots up when the key is turned on and shuts down (the right way) 45 sec after the car is turned off. Great sound. It has 6 channel outputs. I'm using 4 channel for my stock speakers with a 50w X 4 amp.


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        It's up on Ebay!


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          nice system

          I like!! How did you control the volume?