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WTB: 10.4" LCD

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  • WTB: 10.4" LCD

    I'm urgently looking for a 10.4" LCD w/VGA Input. Open frame would be nice but i'll recase the thing if it's in a box already.

    E-mail me at ry.white (at) gmail.c(o)m
    Thanks, Ryan

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    I have a 10.4 Datalux, that has been updated to 600 nitts!
    works flawlessly!
    $300. shipped in us
    1992 z71 Chevy


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      your name is ryan white? wow, that sucks......everybody think your the kid with aids from the 80s?
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        yeah my name is ryan white also and iv really been asked that a few times
        01 blazer, LS1 engine, TR 220/220 cam, vig 3200 stall, 5.3 stage 1.5 ported heads, titanium retainers, APR harden push rods, dual X magnaflow 2.5's

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          Yep, it's happened.

          If it's the datalux LMV10 that you have, is it cased still? I've got the same one but mounting that stupid LCD - VGA converter on the back of it has given me migranes, i'm using ghetto carpet tape right now

          posting pics soon, screen sortof works for now.


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            yes it is, it is 2003 version, they used a better controller on this one!
            1992 z71 Chevy