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Street Atlas 2005 Plus & Street Atlas 2004

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  • Street Atlas 2005 Plus & Street Atlas 2004

    For sale...used once...Street Atlas USA 2005 "Plus", like this:
    costs a $100 new. I'll sell them for $50.00 (includes USA shipping)

    Also Street Atlas 2004 (2cd set) $30.00 shipped.

    Offers accepted, but be reasonable

    (software only, in original cases)

    EDIT: Please pm me. (I might forget to look at this thread ), E-Cig Mods
    "A great smoking alternative"

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    i might jus bite.y are u sellin it if i may ask. is it touchscreen freindly?
    ..and dont back out just because u think its too crazi , i hate pussies

    epia m1000,256mb ddr,7"lilli,120gb hdd, Ati remote wonder,400watt inverter,350psu all under xp pro-installed


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      Honestly? I got iGuidance, I like it better. (personal preference)
      No, the SA 2004 or 2005 is not touchscreen friendly. Only thing I do like is the business phone and address listings in it, which makes it convenient if for example you want to navigate to the radio shack in "anywhere" USA. (and you don't have Radio Shacks address or phone number)
      Quote:"31 million FREE Searchable Business Phone Listings linked to the maps on one convenient DVD-ROM"
      You CAN put all the data on the PC, so you don't have to put the DVD in all the time., E-Cig Mods
      "A great smoking alternative"