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  • FS: My CarPC Setup

    Well, someone hit me and now my truck is totaled. I am going to drive the extra car (96 Honda) for a while to save up for a new Tahoe/Yukon or possibly a 97 Supra TT. I will be saving for about a year. So, I have no use for my Carputer setup anymore. I have verified all parts are working and I will guarentee them against DOA. This was one hell of a carputer. I can take pictures upon request and email them, but right now I do not have anywhere to host images. Unless someone would be so kind as to host them for me. HINT HINT! Here she blows:

    DWW-7VGA In-Dash Touchscreen with Panisonic/Xenarc screen + Antiglare coating $400 shipped (7 months old)

    VIA EPIA MII-12000 1.2GHz w/fan $175 shipped

    Opus 90w PSU $125 shipped

    Maxtor 60GB IDE HDD $40 shipped

    256MB DDR PC2700 $25 shipped

    DVD/CDRW Combo drive $25 shipped

    802.11G Wireless PCMCIA Card $20 shipped

    Hauppauge WinTV (401) FM/TV Tuner Card $60 shipped

    BUY EVERYTHING SHIPPED FOR $820 (That's $50 off)
    FREE: Buy everything and I'll include Windows XP MCE 2005 (already installed and setup)

    I have ebay feedback and heatware feedback under "voidunknown" (no quotes). If you are interested post here, PM me or email me ([email protected]). I will not refuse any reasonable offers.
    The 2007 Scion tC + Infill G4 Project |

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    Dibs on the Opus


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      Entire setup pending sale...
      The 2007 Scion tC + Infill G4 Project |


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        Thanks for the support and thanks for looking.
        The 2007 Scion tC + Infill G4 Project |