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good deal on mini 3.5" mobo + 7" widescreen TFT and parts?

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  • good deal on mini 3.5" mobo + 7" widescreen TFT and parts?

    Hey Guys,

    Ive been out of the mp3car scene for a bit, but i might be able to get a deal with some h/w that looks ideal for various projects
    Heres the kit, all as a working bundle:

    3.5" sized mobo ie fit on top of normal HD! (SMALL) complete with VGA, ethernet, USB, PC104, compact flash, audio (via header) etc
    -Complete with PIII CPU (800 or 1ghz) and RAM (128mb or 256mb)
    -Complete with DC-DC ATX PSU requiring 12v with no fans
    -Complete with cabling for normal and laptop IDE drives (might be able to get some drives)
    -7" Widescreen Digital TFT - 840x400 Res complete with all controller boards and inverters. Not a lowly analouge board using composite inputs, a proper job with resolution

    Now the price of these is looking like around 300, maybe less if i pick a few up. Right now that makes it $565. I thought this was a pretty good deal?!?! - DO tell me if its not, as i say i havent kept up with this for a while.

    But this would give you a tiny system with low power draw, but still reasonably specced (fine for DVD) which runs of 12V COMPLETE with that magical decent TFT screen, and you could boot of CF or hd, expand with USB etc etc.

    If anyone is interested i will try and get a sample and some more info? Please mail me phrozenpenguin AT ntlworld DOT com

    I would ship anywhere provided you pay shipping.