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FS: Tapwave Zodiac 2 Palm OS PDA (New & Still Shrinkwrapped)

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  • FS: Tapwave Zodiac 2 Palm OS PDA (New & Still Shrinkwrapped)

    Perfect pda for your in-car entertainment system! Plus, the only one that can double as it's own entertainment system .


    (Personal Zod2...for reference only and not for sale!)

    Purchased directly from the manufacturer, TapWave . Would return, but the company charges a rather hefty restocking fee so I'd much rather unload them to someone who doesn't mind saving a bit of money. Still new in box with shrinkwrap! Zodiac 2 purchased for $349.99 and after all said in done, it will cost $390. To speed up the sale, I will eat the cost of the tax and shipping and even shave off a couple bucks for good measure . This makes my asking price on the $350 with FREE shipping anywhere in the US which is quite an amount less than I paid. Quite literally the cheapest you'll ever see them for sale anywhere, NEW!! There are not many places you can purchase this locally, but if you are nearby a CompUSA or Fry's Electronics, you can check it out in action. But try buying it at one of those stores for this price! Specs can be found on the mentioned site. Includes a one year warranty through the manufacturer. I will even give you a few days to think it over after you buy it. As long as the shrinkwrap is intact and the box hasn't been tampered with, just contact me and I will gladly refund you your money.

    Here are the full specs:

    128 mb (Zod2) Internal Memory
    200 mhz Processor speed
    Palm OS 5.2 (modified) Operating system
    Handwriting Recognition
    Photo viewer and video creation
    Colour Screen
    Bluetooth Technology
    Infrared Port
    MP3 Audio Capabilities
    Console quality 3D gaming
    2 SD expansion slots (one SDIO) for either two memory cards or one memory card and one peripheral, e.g. the new wireless lan SD cards.


    Tapwave Zodiac 1 or 2 System w/ Stylus
    AC Adapter
    USB Cable
    Earbud Headphones
    Original Shrinkwrapped Box w/ Instructions
    Colour Screen
    Nylon Carrying Case w/ Strap
    LJZ Emulator w/ Over 2000+ Games!! (Must Be Deleted Within 24hr If Not Owned / Not for resale / For educational use only)

    To put your mind at ease aka Feedback...I'm a certified, high feedback
    Ebay seller and have even more feedback under my HeatWare account which is used for various online forum dealings. As you can see, I surely have the credentials . Feel free to PM / Email / AIM (sn: PortablePassions) me any Q's or concerns you may have. Thanks for checking out my post!

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    Any offers? I don't have much more space left for this thing. Feel free to make me offers keeping in mind that this is a new device.