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Opus 150w PS & Xenarc 7" Shroud (case)

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  • Opus 150w PS & Xenarc 7" Shroud (case)

    Hi Guys,

    Clearing some stuff out - have an Opus 150w power supply that's probably 2 years old now. It's been sitting for the last year since I sold my car that had my last CarPC - I'm working on a new project now involving PDAs and have no use for the PS. Basically 2 years old, but with only 1 year of use! Asking $160 shipped (seems to be about the going rate).


    I also have an extra shroud (case) for the Xenarc 7" touch screen - I purchased 2 when I was fibreglassing in case I messed up. Fortunately everything worked out well, so I'm letting this one go. Asking $35 shipped.

    I'm heading out of town on February 16th, returning on the 27th. I'll be available to answer questions sporadically between those times, but won't be able to ship anything. If I get payments by Monday night (the 14th), I'll ship stuff out on Tuesday, otherwise it's a week wait until the following Friday before shipment. I'm located in Canada, so shipping may take a little longer, but I'll provide you with a tracking number.

    If you need some background on me, I believe that I'm still listed in the credits for FrodoPlayer...



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    im interested in the opus



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      Hi John - drop me a PM and we can arrange for payment and I'll get your shipping address. If you can do Paypal today or early tomorrow morning I can ship out tomorrow and send you a tracking number.

      If that doesn't work for you we'll have to wait until Friday the 25th ...



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        bump for shroud only ... someone must want an extra shroud for fibreglass work!


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          Hey, I'll give you $25 shipped for the xenarc shroud


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            dazd&confuzd - call it $30 and we have a deal! I'm up in Canada so the shipping is a larger portion of the overall cost then I had initially imagined (having just shipped the Opus this morning). Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to ship until next Friday (not 3 days from now, 10 days!) since I'm heading out of town early tomorrow morning...