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WTB: Decent 4 channel amp

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  • WTB: Decent 4 channel amp

    I'm looking for a decent 4 channel amp. If I could, a bazooka 4 channel amp would be ideal.. They're usually great prices and pretty good quality. I know they are lower class but I've had one running my 12" mtx sub for over 2 years now and it still sounds amazing to me.

    The speakers it'd be running have peak power handling of 180w and are only 4x6" which means.. no bass. I don't need to push 180w, I'd like to push 100w or so. They sound fine with my current 54x4 (max) head unit.

    I'm looking sub $100 shipped if possible. I'd go buy a cheap ebay amp for $25 but I figure someone has to have something with a little better quality they can sell me.
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    I might sell you my MTX Thunder 404 for $125 shipped. It's a sweet amp.

    Sounds so clear, and trust me, it's PLENTY loud. Can be bridged, and it has crossovers. All around good amp. It cost me $250 when I bought it a year ago.
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      i will sell me kenwood 4channel amp. I used it for like 2weeks at max. As my screen name KICKER. I went all out kicker. So took it out and now its just sitting.