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  • FS: USB GPS Mouse

    Looking for $45.00 plus shipping. Paypal ONLY.

    Just clearing out stuff I no longer need/want. Used this for about 3 months, then stored it for about 3 more, now I dont see myself using it anymore, so up it goes. I did just test it out yesterday to make sure it worked, and it works great. Waterproof, magnetic, etc.

    Here is a link to where I bought it:

    And here is the specs on it:
    The GM-307 GPS receiver offers following features:
    l Twelve parallel tracking channels
    l Fast TTFF and low power consumption
    l Compact design suitable for applications requiring small space
    l On-board rechargeable battery sustained real-time clock and memory for fast satellite acquisition during power-up
    l Supports NMEA-0183 protocol
    l Full navigation accuracy achievable with Standard Positioning Service
    l Optimized for navigation in urban-canyon environments
    l Automatic cold start with no user initialization required

    Receiver Operation

    Upon power up, after initial self-test has completed, the GM-307 will begin satellite acquisition and tracking process. Under normal open-sky condition, position-fix can be achieved within approximately 45 seconds (within 15 seconds if valid ephemeris data is already collected from recent use). After receiver position has been calculated, valid position, velocity and time information are transmitted through the on board serial interface.

    The receiver uses the latest stored position, satellite data, and current RTC time to achieve rapid GPS signal acquisition and fast TTFF. If the receiver is transported over a large distance across the globe, cold-start automatic-locate sequence is invoked. The first position fix may take up to five minutes searching the sky for the GPS signal. The acquisition performance can be improved significantly if the host initializes the receiver with a rough estimate of time and user position.

    As soon as GPS signal is acquired and tracked, the GM-307 will transmit valid navigation information through its serial interface. The navigation data contains following information:

    l Receiver position in latitude, longitude, and altitude
    l Receiver velocity
    l Time
    l DOP error-magnification factor
    l GPS signal tracking status

    The GM-307 will perform 3D navigation when four or more satellites are tracked. When three or fewer satellites are tracked, altitude-hold is enabled using the last computed altitude and 2D navigation mode is entered.

    With signal blockage or rising and setting of the satellites, where a change in satellite constellation used for position fix occurred, large position error may result. The GM-307 incorporates a proprietary algorithm to compensate the effect of satellite constellation change, and maintains an accurate smooth estimate of the receiver’s position, velocity and heading.

    GM-307 Receiver Specification

    General L1 frequency, C/A code, 12-channel
    Sensitivity -165 dBW minimum
    Update Rate 1Hz
    Accuracy Position: 25m CEP without S/AVelocity: 0.1/sec without S/A
    Acquisition Cold start: < 150sec (typical)Warm start: < 45sec (typical)Hot start: < 15sec
    Reacquisition <100msec
    Dynamics Altitude: -1000m to 18000mVelocity: 500m/secAcceleration: ±4g
    Operation Temperature -20oC to +75oC
    Storage Temperature -55oC to +90oC
    Operating Humidity 5% to 95%
    Primary Power + 3.8V ~ 8V DC
    Current Consumption 100mA @ 3.3V
    Serial Interface USB connector
    Protocol Private @ 4800/9600 baud, 8-None-1NMEA-0183 v2.20 @ 4800/9600 baud, 8-None-1
    Datum 219 standard datum, default WGS-84
    Antenna On-Board Patch Antenna
    NMEA Message GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, RMC, and VTG
    Dimension 58.2mm x 39.9mm x 21.5mm
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    If you ship to UK I would be interested


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      I'll take it I'm in WI. It works fine with all software like a BU-303 right?


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        Originally posted by Altimat
        I'll take it I'm in WI. It works fine with all software like a BU-303 right?
        check PM
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          still got it? ill give u 45 + ship to 90621 buena park ca let me know :-D


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            Originally posted by xdjxklusivex
            still got it? ill give u 45 + ship to 90621 buena park ca let me know :-D
            if altimat changes his mind, your next. Ill let you know either way by thursday
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              My Carputer Project