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Wtb - Pc100 256mb Ram

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  • Wtb - Pc100 256mb Ram

    I have an old Dell that could use some upgraded RAM. I have 128 in it now, but expandable to 512 so I could use 2 RAM cards. The one I have now read PC100 128MB SYNCH if that matters. Thanks a lot.

    Sanding and prepping center console for paint, waiting for more money

    PC: PIII 866, 256 RAM, 200GB HD, Slim Slot Load, PCI 4-Port USB Card

    Looking to Buy
    Opus 150, Xenarc 7", USB GPS, Powermate

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    i have 256 ram. i think i'm sure, that one of them is 128MB and it is 100mhz, ans synch. The ther one has no mention of that. I remember it being the same, as the total was 256 as far as i remember bu I'm not was in the same laptop, and it was working, before the laptop died. so there you go. I'll give the 128 ram for you for $20, and the other one for $15, because i don't know.

    let me know...