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VIA EPIA Nehemiah M10000 Mini-ITX Mainboard

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  • VIA EPIA Nehemiah M10000 Mini-ITX Mainboard

    Hey guys I have this M10000 for sale. I only had it for 3 weeks. It's perfect, I used it in my Yukon but I had togo with something faster. I'm using a Celeron 2.2 base system now. So if you have been looking for this board I have it with everything that came in the box and I will also throw in a stick of 256 ddr333 for free. Just pay for shipping cost and I have a paypal account. I'm posting here first before I go to eBay. Nice little board just not allot of power for my taste. looking for $145.00 or best offer, thanks!


    Oh also I have a Fujitsu 80gig 2.5 hard drive for sell also, $100.00 or best offer. I also have the ide adapter that I'm adding to it for free.

    Capacity: 80GB SOLD!
    Average Seek Time: 12ms
    Buffer: 8MB
    Rotational Speed: 4,200RPM
    Interface: IDE Ultra ATA-6

    Also for sale:
    Rand McNally Serial gps reciever
    This baby works great, not using because I'm using the onstar hack in my truck. $55.00 or best offer.

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    what's the price??

    Motherboard: Epox MATX
    Power: M2-ATX
    Storage: 120gb 3.5"
    Optical: Slim Slot cdrw/dvd
    Audio: SB Audigy 2
    GPS: BU-353 & iGuidance 4
    OS: Win FLP (Fundamentals)
    Frontend: Roadrunner (DFX 3 & 4)


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      is the 80 gig hd 2.5" ? if so i may be interested


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        Originally posted by JuMpMaN6235
        is the 80 gig hd 2.5" ? if so i may be interested
        yes it is, this is were I got it