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FS: computer controlled 12 volt 6 channel equilizer

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  • FS: computer controlled 12 volt 6 channel equilizer

    way cool unit, you cna have a radio with no featuers, amplifiers with no features, and this unit will give you more controllability than any home theater reciever Ive ever seen.

    Altomobile Drive 30

    you can see the options are insane.

    for those who's in car computers dont have serial, I will include the serial-USB converter for free, tested and works great.

    I ran this in my car for months. I am selling it to simplify my car (going back to everything passive, passive passive passive) and this signal processor no longer has a place in that system concept.

    pics upon request.

    I am asking $500 priority shipped to your door, insured, the whole 9 yards. I'm flexible though, so make an offer.

    if anyone is ever bored, compare the features to the alpine H900, then compare price tags

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    I should mention you dont NEED a computer to control this beast. it jsut has that feature


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      It is a pretty serious unit. Though most of the people on here are scraping money to buy used equipment to make their carputers run. For it being a 5 band para eq with cross overs it might be a bit steep for the everyday user. Audiophiles will take note though. If it had a .5 volt in and about a 4 or 6 volt line level out it could turn some heads. For a demo vehicle it would be a lot easier to tune than my two 1/3 octave Audio Control para's =0) Good luck with the sale, I'm in the process of ditching my truck so new equipment is on hold.
      2K SVT Lightning, Some things and the usual truck pc, now with slot load dvd rom and ECM Data logging.
      05 Scion xA


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        thats 5 parametric PER channel. so thats actually 40 parametric bands of equalization. and the signal chain can go through as many as 10 bands of parametric equalization in a straight path. plenty!

        and it has had the updates from the company, im told it can go as high as 8 volts for the preouts. naturally, thats massively adjustable, like everything else...


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          sometimes i wish i were an audiophile
          Cheap Laptop, great for Carputer!


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            for the right price, you can pretend you are ;p

            id lower the price, but its harder to go lower than "flexible, make an offer"