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RFQ-5000 - Rockford Fosgate 5.1 Dolby Pro-Logic II Sound Processor

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  • RFQ-5000 - Rockford Fosgate 5.1 Dolby Pro-Logic II Sound Processor

    I have a new RFQ-5000 - Rockford Fosgate 5.1 Dolby Pro-Logic II Sound Processor for sale

    here is a link here

    every thing included new, never used...$150. shipped in us

    Features and Functions

    The RFQ5000 outputs surround channels, but it doesn't have a digital input. This means, for example, that you can't direct a DVD's Dolby Digital or DTS bitstream to it for decoding. With only analog inputs, you can only direct an analog signal with standard stereo or, for example, a Dolby Pro Logic-encoded signal to the processor. In this way, you could play a surround-sound movie soundtrack. Though not as ancient as Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic is kind of old hat (the newest and best movies all use Dolby Digital instead). It seems that Rockford has mainly targeted this processor toward the countless stereo CDs and tapes out there, endowing the RFQ5000 with the ability to synthesize a multichannel surround-sound soundfield from two analog source channels. In other words, it lets you hear stereo recordings in surround sound.

    All of this is a little tricky, so let me clarify the situation: Surround sound comes in many forms. There are many ways both analog and digital to process sound for rear (ambience) speakers.

    The first surround process from Dolby was Dolby Surround. Then came Dolby Pro Logic. Then came Dolby Digital and DTS. The latter two are conveyed via digital bitstreams, but Dolby Pro Logic is conveyed via stereo analog channels. The surround-sound information is encoded into two channels and decoded to recreate the additional channels.

    A newer version of this technology Dolby Pro Logic II is contained in the RFQ5000; it was developed by Jim Fosgate, a founder of Rockford Fosgate. Dolby Pro Logic II's analog circuitry can decode material coded in Dolby Pro Logic, and it can also synthesize surround information from non-encoded stereo recordings. Unlike many other ambience processors that simulate the acoustics of large spaces, this processor doesn't delay the signals being sent to the rear channels.
    The RFQ5000 looks simple enough. Its chassis is a metal box measuring 8 1/2 inches wide x 1 inch high x 7 3/4 inches deep, with integral mounting flanges along its length.

    All of its inputs and outputs are aligned along two opposite sides. One side has four RCA jacks for front and rear stereo input, a DIN socket to connect a remote control, a three-pin socket to accept a power connector, and a power-on LED indicator. The other side has seven RCA output jacks: center front, stereo front, stereo rear, and stereo sub (the sub outputs aren't affected by the processing circuitry and are merely throughputs). A small slide switch turns the center channel on and off.

    Inside the chassis (accessible by removing its lid), eight potentiometers are mounted on the circuitboard. Seven of them adjust the gain of each of the output channels; these are helpful for fine tuning individual channel levels, so you can dial in the right balance at the listener's position.

    The RFQ5000 doesn't come with a traditional owner's manual. Instead, you get a set-up CD with a booklet that serves as an owner's manual. More importantly, the CD helps you set up the processor. I grabbed an SPL meter (a RadioShack 33-2055) and played various cuts on the set-up disc; it shoots pink noise out to the various channels, and you adjust the circuitboard pots so that you get equal SPL at the listening position from each speaker. It was an easy matter to twiddle the pots and get everything balanced.
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    125.00 +shipping
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      Trade for P4 2.6 533fsb
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        Click here to d/l the manual
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          Originally posted by ENerd
          Trade for P4 2.6 533fsb
          sorry already have the same one I bought here for $50.00
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            Man E NErd do you have some kinda bot that posts to anyones classified post with trading that processor?
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