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  • Car Pc Full System

    Hope you dont mind the ad but im a long time lerker here.

    Whats included-gps dongle, gps software with postcodes and voice, its got 2
    usb slots at the back and included is a 4 way usb adaptor, theres a device
    to make any usb slot take like a drive(i use it with the dvd drive). Its got
    an external usb dongle to allow it to connect to a network or the internet.

    Its a lilliput screen. Its also
    a touchscreen.

    I have a lead to run it through an alpine stereo

    Theres also an infrared keyboard which has a mouse built in. You dont really
    need this as its touchscreen but in my opinion they are worth haveing for
    speed of inputting text

    The computer would come with just xp on it. You'd need to install everything
    like the gps dongle and the software. I only have the navigation software so
    bear this in mind. It will be quite a bit of work but worth it as it would
    then be personal to you installing medicar etc. I wouldn't be able to
    provide any technical support as im not technical.

    Only thing you may want to buy is a usb stick. I used this to transfer music
    on a regular basis. You could use the network but when its like only 1 song
    you wont be arsed going up stairs booting your comp up then going back
    downstairs to turn your car comp on.

    Here what it says in system setting

    via nehemiah 998mhz

    246mb ram

    30gb hard drive

    it does run really quick and smoth and boot up time is less then 30 seconds.
    the guy who originally configured it had the boot time down to about 20
    seconds but i dont no how he did that.

    Just to clarify too the system runs of a 12v power supply. To start it up
    you click the small button on the front of the unit which i located under
    the glove box. to turn it off you just use the touchscreen and click shut
    down like an ordinary screen. It can be used for hours without the car been
    on. Its lasted 24 hours before when i forgot to turn it off. If you stall
    the car etc it doesn't turn off. it basically boots up and shuts down when
    and where you want it to.

    Looking for 400 for it plus delivery which i think is a good price. I paid
    loads more then this. I live in dewsbury. Would also take a navigation unit
    that can be moved from car to car if its decent in part exchange(my mum
    NEEDS one) If anyone doesn't feel trusting i can show you an ebay account
    with a lot of feedback and also willing to meet part way to an extent or
    even list on ebay. < my car

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    i can be contacted at robnokia at <change


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      Will you part out?
      Quick! To the Popemobile!


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        dont think it would be a good idea for to sell parts as i think i'd manage to sell the screen then little else. If you just wanted the pc without the screen i and some other bits i could do that


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          the guys who mailed me i cant mail back because it keeps bouncing


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            just sent you a PM