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FS: Fans and Heatsinks (and accessories) ([pics])

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  • FS: Fans and Heatsinks (and accessories) ([pics])

    I've been a computer consultant for 4 years and Ive accumulated a lot of random computer stuff. Its amassed into giant piles and most has sat unused.
    Well, the time has come; I am transferring colleges and moving. All this accumulated stuff must go!

    Because of the sheer amount of stuff, Ill be posting the things for sale in phases. This is obviously the fan and heatsink phase. Later I will do PCI cards, network equipment, full computers, motherboards, RAM, processors, etc (pretty everything you can associate with a computer).

    From left to right:
    • Socket A heatsink, copper base, no fan - $7
    • 2x Socket 7 heatsink with 40mm fan, makes a good GPU heatsink - $5
    • Passive heatsink, makes a good GPU heatsink - $5
    • Stock P4 heatsink with bracket and fan - $7
    • Zalman CNPS-6000Cu "flower" heatsink, all copper, comes with pictured fan and bracket; excellent heatsink for either passive or active cooling - $18
    • Stock AMD heatsink with 60mm fan - $7

    • Delta FFB0812EHE 80x80x38mm, 80.16CFM @ 5700RPM, this things a monster, comes with a grill for obvious reasons - $10
    • 2x Delta AFB0612EH 60x60x25mm, 37.61CFM@ 6800RPM, also comes with a grill - $8 each
    • 6x Panasonic Panaflo FBA08A12L 80x80x25mm, 24CFM @ 1900RPM ,Nnoise: 21dB(A), the BEST quiet fan available - $8 each
    • YS Tech FD1281259B-2N 80x80x25mm, 48.5CFM @ 3300RPM - $7
    • YS Tech FD1281253S-1N 80x80x25mm, 27.9CFM @ 1900RPM, Noise: 22.5dBA, another good quiet fan - $8
    • Sunon KD1208PTBX-6A 80x80x25mm, 39CFM @ 2900RPM - $6
    • Nidec TA300DC, 30CFM - $5
    • LED fan, multicolor -$5
    • 6x Random 80mm fans - $3 ($2 without connector)

    • 80mm Metal mesh filter - $3
    • 3x 80mm Grill - $1
    • 80mm "Mudflap girl" grill, best...grill...ever - $8

    Shipping cost will be 2-4 dollars depending upon ship to location.
    If you order 3 or more items shipping is free

    Paypal, money order or cashiers check is acceptable
    Heatware is under aoLhaTer

    I can be contacted via PM. Thanks for looking!
    2004 G35 Coupe project