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WANTED: Front of a Lilliput Screen!!!

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  • WANTED: Front of a Lilliput Screen!!!

    I'm in need of the front housing of a 7" Lilliput touchscreen monitor. I screwed the old one while attempting to fabricate a custom bezel. It will have to be the new model of the Lilliput and include the buttons. At this point I am willing to pay a great deal just for the front of the screen, so don't hesitate to make some money here. PM me if you have one. Thanks
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    Well, I guess it is almost impossible to purchase the housing to the new Lilliput 7". I contacted Lilliput directly and got some encouraging e-mails, but when it came time to do the business, they fed me some bull**** and rejected me:

    First reply from Lilliput:
    Thank you for your attention and inquiry.

    Would you like to purchase the housing and buttons of 629GL-70NP/C/T? It's $5.00/pc. Could you change the housing and buttons by yourself? Are there any models which meet your requirement? Please feel free to visit our another website, , Thank you. Is it possible that we send it with your next order?

    I look forward to your early comment.

    Thanks & Best Regards
    May Tiu
    International Marketing Representative

    Second reply:
    Dear Derek,

    Sorry, we could not do this business. It's not a simple work to change the housing, I confirmed with our engineer this morning.

    Best Regards
    May Tiu

    Since then, I have tried contacting authorized dealers and resellers to try and purchase the housing with no luck so far. If anyone is planning a custom fabrication with a new Lilliput and can spare the front housing and buttons, I will pay $40. If nobody was it, this monitor will likely go up for sale soon.
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      did you try asking digitalWW. I got extra buttons from them, but it was for the older lilliput. I know they have the housing for the older lcds and they might have some for the new ones.
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