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F/S: PSOne screen with Guncon adaptor

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  • F/S: PSOne screen with Guncon adaptor

    I was going to mod a Sony PSOne screen for VGA but had to start selling off my carputer parts. The LCD is hacked up somewhat (the speakers are included but have been removed from the case and the bottom half has been removed), the Guncon adaptor has been cut and I was mid-mod with the soldering so the VGA conversion is incomplete. I'm also throwing in a VGA cable that is 10'+ long and has one end choppped and spliced. The picture on the ebay listing gives you an idea what I mean. The Guncon adaptor alone was 20 bucks mailed from England.

    However, all the parts are here and should be able convert to VGA input per starfox's website (huge help until I stopped) and others. I make no guarantees because I don't know how well you can solder.

    The ebay listing is:

    If anyone is interested or has questions, please feel free to ask.

    Asking price on the bid is $40.
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