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WTT Bass/Guitar Stuff for Carputer Stuff

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  • WTT Bass/Guitar Stuff for Carputer Stuff

    This might sound lame, but I have some bass equipment laying around I'd like to turn into cash:

    Crate 2x15" Bass Cabinet - $250 + shipping or see below
    Peavy DeltaBass Head (150 watts) - $150 + shipping
    Boss Bass Distortion Pedal - $40 + shipping
    DOD Envelope Filter Auto-Wah pedal - $20 + shipping
    Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal - SOLD

    Also have:
    - 4 Stock 16" Wheels from a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Single Cab (+ spare wheel) - $125 + shipping for all 5
    - Stock motor/trans from an 88 honda civic (220k manual runs good) - $100 you pick it up (AZ)
    - Pioneer Premier DEH-P4500MP Deck - CD Changer controls, front and rear preamp outs - SOLD
    - Infinity Reference 6.5" Components - $80 + shipping
    - Sony CD Deck, LCD doesn't work, has remote, works - $10 + shipping
    - Custom center seat 12" sub box for Dodge Ram (98-01) - $120 + shipping

    Sorry, have lots of crap...I'll email pics of anything you're interested in.

    UPDATE: I sold a few things locally, and picked up my screen and hd off ebay last night, so looking for just cash on the rest of the stuff.

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      bump for finding more stuff to sell!


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        What kind of Sony player is it?
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          I got 2 ITPS sequencers, pw-200m power supply, pw-70 power supply, a slim to IDE adapter, a 5 1/4 10gig hard drive, and a mint condition lilliput 7" housing.

          anything on that list you want to put towards that bass head or the dunlop wah let me know.


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            Not sure on the model of the sony, I'll grab it tonight and post it tomorrow. Also snapping some pics tonight if anybody wants something in particular.


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              Bump for fellow musician trying to get rid of some gear for carputer items!
              2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?


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                Bump for selling some stuff, cash only on the rest, picked up all my parts on ebay.


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                  I'm going to cut your balls off so you don't infect the rest of the world!!!