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WTB: 7" touchscreen LCD

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  • WTB: 7" touchscreen LCD

    Starting my carputer on a budget

    right now I have about $68 in my paypal and this whole thing for trade:

    No case, no modem. 32 megs of ram (I think), a 600 mhz celeron, CD drive, 6 gig harddrive, monitor, board, onboard LAN and sound, and touchpad. Keyboard was broken from the beginning, thats why it was taken apart.

    To fully work, needs a PSU and some kind of cooling on the processor. A Socket7 heatsink fits fine. I'll throw mine in if you ask

    Works great when I hook in my powersupply from my laptop. This would make a good foundation for a carputer, I already have another powerful laptop in line (but no small touchscreen) thats why i'm getting rid of this.

    Ill trade that and my $68 for a working good condition lilliput or equivalent 7 inch touchscreen. Ill pay to ship my stuff and youll pay to ship the screen.

    /edit: alternativly ill take 150 shipped for the laptop

    Emal: apw5094 AT rit DOT edu
    Heatware/ebay: kronchev
    paypal: kronchev AT gmail DOT com

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      no noob love?


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        id try to sell that .... whatever u call it im not sure it can be called a laptop n e more unless u wanna fry ur lap lol... but sell it and save up man no way in hell that ull find a good working lilliput for under like 220 sorrry mann


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          bump, consider the laptop for buying plz!