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FS: Dual PIII Server MOBO $25

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  • FS: Dual PIII Server MOBO $25

    I have about 10 server mobos I was going to build me a server farm but I am in need of some cash.

    Intel L440GX+ Dual P3 Slot 1 Server ATX Motherboard
    $25 + 10 Shipping (Only USA)
    they retail at about $85 + shipping

    Model: L440GX+

    Item Description:
    100Mhz FSB
    Dual Processor Capable
    PC100 Memory upto 2Gb ECC and Non-ECC
    Integrated Adaptec 7896 ScSI Controller
    Intel Etherexpress 10/100 Ethernet Controller
    Onboard video with 2mb of Ram
    Dual IDE Interfaces
    4 - PCI Slots 33MHz 32bit
    2 - PCI Slots 33/66MHz 32bit Universal
    0-Channel Raid Expansion Slot
    I/O Controller for Floppy Serial and Parallel Ports
    server management features including thermal, voltage, fan, and chassis
    Dual USB Ports
    Emergency Managemnet POrt

    Processors Supported:
    PentiumŪ II
    350 / 400 / 450 MHz

    PentiumŪ III
    450 / 500 / 550 / 550E / 600 / 600E / 650 / 700 / 750 / 800 / 850 / 1 GHz.
    too early to tell

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    Any CPUs to go w/ that?
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      I've got a P3 1.0ghz w the slot 1 adaptor if needed
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        Originally posted by migel628
        Any CPUs to go w/ that?

        I can get you some but, no they are not included.
        too early to tell