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  • Someone ordering at digitalww?

    I need some help

    I need an additional housing for my lilliput screen, to re-do the in-dash part. (I'm not completely satisfied with the current one). However, I don't want to re-use my current front, so I'm looking for a replacement one.

    Digitalww sells them, $15. So far, so good. However, shipping to the Netherlands is $26... (Global Express Mail (EMS)), so it would be rather expensive, only due to the shipping costs. Besides, I don't need it that urgent...

    So if anyone is ordering at digitalww, it would be nice if they can add a lilliput project housing to their order and send it to me, using a less expensive way. In fact, I only need the front bezel, even the back isn't needed. I think, if you use some good paperboard, it even doesn't need to be a parcel. (so less shipping costs). Off course 'm willing to pay a little for the help
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