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FS: Car PC and TView 7" Touch Screen

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  • FS: Car PC and TView 7" Touch Screen

    My family managed to talk me out of tearing up my new car to install a car pc. So, it's for sale.

    The package includes:

    SYNTAX mobo with integrated Via C3 1.3gigapro CPU (800mhz)
    -Micro ATX Formfactor
    -Integrated Graphics
    -2 PCI Slots

    512mb Kingston PC2700 DDR

    Morex 12v Power Supply

    T-View 7" LCD Touchscreen
    -640x480 Native, can interpolate up to 1024x768
    -VGA, 2xComposite, all cables included
    -Remote Control, Swivel Mount, Headrest Mount

    Notebook Drive Adapter

    20gb IBM Travelstar Notebook Drive

    I'm looking to sell the entire setup for $310 plus shipping from 92833, or local pickup for anyone in southern California. My eBay ID is pilotandy for reference.

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    Here's a picture with the computer running. It's being powered by a small 12v lead acid battery at the moment. If anyone opts for local pickup(fullerton, ca) they can buy the battery for $10 if they want it.
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      Are you willing to part it out? If so, how much for the m/b w/ ram? Also, does the m/b have USB 2.0?
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        I'd be interested in teh screen if you part it for $160 shipped

        Keep in mind they're $215 shipped new


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          The mobo has USB 1.1.

          I'll go ahead and wait until tomorrow to see if anyone is interested in the entire package. If there's no interest I'll go ahead and part it out.

          All items are in mint condition. They've never made it farther than my test bench. The LCD is like new. The swivel mount has some screw marks where it was mounted, but everything else is in great shape. The mobo and lcd will be sent with their original driver disks and original retail packaging.

          As greenman points out, the LCD itself retails for $215 shipped, so it would seem to me $310 for the entire package would be a deal.


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            Does it come in a case, or all loose like the pictures? What connections are needed to hook it to the car battery? Also, does it have a startup/shutdown controller? I'm in So. Cal. and interested. Thanks.


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              Lionclaw i live in buena park... if u want im down to give u a 300 dollor ppc that i dont use its brand new for the whole setup if u want u can gimme a call 714 249 8218 ask for bill or just pM m here im at work right now so ill be on and off the pc i can check it

              -imat matsunichi ip3230 brand new with everything in the box + a 128 mb sd card

              or ive got a brand new tmobile sidekick 1 in the box with everything id be down to give u both if u want for the whole setup my stuff comes out to like 500 bucks if u put it in cash value so yeah


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                Thanks for the offer, but I've already got an Axim x30. Need the cash for end mills and projector parts at this point.

                Answered Mort via pm, but for those interested. It doesn't come with a case. I was planning on making one on my CNC mill out of sheet aluminum. I've got a spare mini tower case i'd throw in for free, but it would likely raise shipping costs quite a bit. For local pickup the case would just be a free add in.


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                  Ok, if it still isn't sold by this evening I'll go ahead and price everything individually.


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                    dont forget the sidekick 1 and ppc if no one buys it :-D


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                      Ok, looks like I'll go ahead and split this up.

                      Keep in mind all items are like new in mint condition. Everything works. The screen has 0 dead or stuck pixels.

                      (SOLD) T-View 7" Screen W/Accessories - $175 shipped

                      (SOLD) Mobo W/512mb Memory - $75 shipped

                      (SOLD) 20gb Notebook Drive - $35 shipped (add $5 for adapter)

                      (SOLD) Morex 12V Power Supply W/Cable Extension - $35 shipped

                      Insurance is the buyer's responsibility. If you want insurance on the screen, add $3.50. Everything else add $2.

                      If anyone is interested in purchasing the entire lot, I'll lower the price to $300 + shipping.


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                        TS screen

                        i'll take the 7in TS...let me know ow you wan the cash

                        Motherboard: Epox MATX
                        Power: M2-ATX
                        Storage: 120gb 3.5"
                        Optical: Slim Slot cdrw/dvd
                        Audio: SB Audigy 2
                        GPS: BU-353 & iGuidance 4
                        OS: Win FLP (Fundamentals)
                        Frontend: Roadrunner (DFX 3 & 4)


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                          That was fast. Screen tenatively sold to nitropwd pending payment.

                          All other items still available.


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                            i probable will take the hard drive
                            i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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                              $65 for the Mobo W/512mb Memory? Let me know...PM sent
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                              "I must seek knowledge and it's bastard son truth" - The State