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In response to those guys ( 60 gig w/mp3s)

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  • In response to those guys ( 60 gig w/mp3s)

    What's up with the attitude uh ?
    when i wanted to check up my ad, i got the boot. but, thanks for being so polite. You see, not too long ago I used to spend a great deal of time downloading stuff,
    and I said to myself : It would be nice to just buy the damn thing with nothing to download. But hey no harm intended.
    Yeah, ZIPLOCK, don't bother to edit this one.
    I won't be writting back. You act like an old lady. (then again may be you are an old lady ) any way guys, to those who responded : It's not my fault you get ticked off. don't take it on me.
    see yah.

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    oh, by the way : Pat0
    I supposed you have sold a pc at one time or another. Do not tell me that when you sell a PC, you give all the original software along with it! Bull...
    So don't give me that S..t !!!
    What is this ? this place should be called
    Mp3car for seniors citizens , I'll give this link to my grandpa, may be he'll love it!


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      Ummm It is your fault that everyone got ticked off. Nowadays the topic of trading (not to mention SELLING) MP3s is too hot. This is a board for the hardware and software aspect of making a player for our cars, not MP3s in particular. The reason everybody jumped on you is that you can get this board shut down for what you are trying to do, and none of us want to see that happen. And everybody I know (including myself) that sells a PC does it with a clean and formatted hard drive. I know I wouldn't buy a used PC that still had data on the hard drive, and if I did, I would format the drive first.
      "this place should be called Mp3car for seniors citizens" Well maybe it should? I am getting tired of immature brats like you coming on this board like they are God. M.A.V.I.C. System
      Asus MB, PII 266, 192 MB Ram, 6.8" LCD, 6 Disk CD-ROM, 21 Gig HD, All-in-Wonder Video w/ TV Tuner, Irman, Windows ME, Winamp, Cobra III -- All in a custom acrylic case. MP3car Listings - Please add to it! :)


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        I think Maveric put that very well.
        Clarion 200watt head unit w/ Aux in.
        Kicker 800watt 4 channel amp
        In a 96 Grand Prix SE.


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          Well said!

          - Every time I've sold a pc, I format the drive and at least re-install the original, legitimate os. If I don't have a liscense, It will be sold with the understanding that it doesn't have an os. I don't distribute warez. Don't presume to tell me how I handle software.

          CarPC Stolen. Starting over.
          Ne1 recognize the avatar?


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            ...Closing topic. Doesn't look like it's going to a very happy place...

            For future reference, selling MP3s will bring us some very much unwanted bad press.
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