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(fs). Rockford fosgate new/old series audio equip

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  • (fs). Rockford fosgate new/old series audio equip

    alright i would like to try to see what the market is for my audio equipment i am intrested in selling it for the right price.

    first of i have 2 amps in excellent condition and everything was installed proffessionally. the first amp is a rockford fostage 2001 model 500s which pushes 500 wattts x1 and 4 ohms. the other amp is 500x which pushes 60-75 watts x 4 at 4 ohms. The amps are in mint condition and i have overlooked the installation my self, they are not refurbished, i bought each one new for 399.99 from bestbuy. Everyone is aware that the old stuff is better than the new, i have never sent anything off to get repaired and have the gains at about 40 percent.

    next i have 2 rockford fosgate p2, i currently have them in my possesion but they are cracked and blown. So i will swap them out and get you new ones under warranty. So that means you will be getting 2 brand new sealed in a box p2, either 8 ohm or 4 you choose. i would reccomend 8 ohms with the amp combo i have. they are new and never opened.

    Lastly i have a one farad rockford fosgate cap used for about 8 months.

    i also have a jl audio box i am using for my setup right now. that i can ship to the buyer if they are willing to pay for it and the box will be free. this box is made of mdf which is the best wood for a sealed setup and prewired to give a 4 ohm mono load. I have enlarged the holes to except oversized subs such as audiobahn and other competition subs. Right now it is stuffed with polyfill to give it deeper bass and is carpeted with grey automotive carpet.

    i would like to sell the complete package for 750

    i paid 299.99 for each amp which adds up to 600 but that was about 3 years ago
    the subs will be brandnew for 125 a piece
    the cap is for 165 brandnew

    i believe 700 is a fair price since i paid 1015, and the only thing older than a year is the amp. the cap is 8 months and subs are brand spanking new.

    i will try to get the pics up soon. but if i can email the pics to someone to host for me that would be great

    email me at [email protected].

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    No need for host... just attach pics at the bottom options.
    Carputer status: [-*---------]
    Im thinking laptop...


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      thankyou, my fo shizzle my nizzle. heheh


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        bump to the top, if you have any offers that are reasonable since i am sellling it below what i would like pm me or email me.


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          please help me out here i am willing to reduce it to 650 for the whole package, or i am going to part it out for the right price, send me offers for each item.

          i would like to get
          175 for each amp
          95 for each sub brandnew in a sealed box
          100 for the cap.
          90 for the box which is made by jl audio.