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5-inch LCD Flip Monitor With Audio and other misc stuff.

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  • 5-inch LCD Flip Monitor With Audio and other misc stuff.

    This unit is from Parts Express. Workd great for a screen for Mp3's and such. I tested it watching a few minutes of a DVD also. Looks very nice. Winamp in Double mode looks awesome as well.

    I went to a 8.4" Touch Screen, and I also have a 7"W LCD that I use in my setup.

    Unit has only been used when in the house testing it. I have the Cigarette adapter and everything that comes with it as well.

    Check out more specs at Parts Express Site.

    Also for sale, somewhat unrelated to this site is a Compaq Ipaq Internet Appliance. Have only tested it and it works well.
    $100 bucks.

    Also for sale, GDock (All in one USB Hub for G3/G4. Part number G-Dock. Two apple serial ports, PC Printer port, and two USB ports. It also has space to pop in a floppy drive or Zip drive. It looks something like this one That is the new Gdock2. It has more ports on it, but the shape and size is the same.
    $100 Bucks

    Also have a Macintish Multiple Monitor/ADB sharing Box (Build in on the fly) 3 way switch
    $25 brand new

    email me with any questions.

    [email protected]

    You will have to pay shipping, but I will only charge you the exact rate.


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    No reasonable offer refused

    No reasonable offer refused!!

    Any bites??

    This also for sale:


    Two (2) **BRAND NEW** Sierra Wireless AirCard 510's - SprintPCS Wireless Web Modems

    Provides wireless connections for your mobile computing device with out having to use a SprintPCS Phone.

    This kit is for use with:
    Windows 95, 98, 2000. (have not tested on XP)
    Windows device with a PC CardSlot
    This will work with an Compaq iPAQ as well. Thats what I had planned on using these for. I ended up using a cable to connect to my phone instead, since I would need a large expansion pack for the pocketPC, which would make it not much of a POCKET PC anymore!

    Card is a Type II PCMCIA Card

    AirCard 510 by Sierra Wireless:
    Atenna retracts for easy use and quick, secure storage. No phone or cable required. Enables e-mail, Internet or corporate network access via the Sprint PCS Wireless Web.

    contains Water software by Sierra Wireless to manage your connections

    SKU on this is 510PCS

    Here it is on SprintPCS's Site:


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      That AirCard would be nice, but I dont have the PCMCIA jacket for my Ipaq and I dont have any PCMCIA slots on my MP3car computer. If I could those for cheap I would think about it.


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        make offer

        make offer on the aircards young man and they will probably be yours. No reasonable offer refused!



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          you've got mail....

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