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Huge Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) for sale

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  • Huge Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) for sale

    I've got what's probably the largest character VFD you're ever going to get a chance to buy for cheap. It's 12x40 -- no, that's not a typo .. it's 12 lines by 40 columns. The reason I'm not using it myself is that it doesn't have any ICs on the board for controlling it, and I don't have the electronics knowledge to hook it up myself. It's just the display mounted on a PCB, nothing else. It's in pristine condition -- the glass is perfect, completely free of scratches, and the same goes for the PCB. All of the pins on the PCB are clearly labeled, and from what I can tell, this display has never been used -- I see no signs that anything has ever been soldered to or desoldered from it. It's from Noritake Itron, and is in the original styrofoam package that says "Itron" and has the original Itron Japan SN/PN sticker on the back. The number is DC40125A2. I've spoken with Itron reps at great length, and apparently they've never produced this unit in any great quantity -- it was part of a very small run for an OEM. The rep I spoke with was able to dig up and mail to me four pages of documentation, though, including voltage specs and a pinout. This thing is pretty big -- the PCB is 235mm x 140mm and the display area itself is 150.5mm x 79mm. I'm offering this to you because I have no use for it myself. I believe it'd be worth quite a lot to someone with the electronics know-how to make it work, but I'm only asking $150.00 for it, not including shipping (I'm located in the midwest U.S.). Let me know if you're interested.