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Wanted To Buy-------Touchpad with scroll functions

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  • Wanted To Buy-------Touchpad with scroll functions

    I am looking for a small touchpad with scrolling capabilites. It is going to go near my center console so it needs to be very compact. Simmilar to this unit

    Or if you have a basic touchpad for cheap, I may go for it. I want the scroll feature to use with CobraIII, to scroll through playlists and stuff as I dont want to use IRMAN and any more darn remotes.

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    I have an extra Cruise Cat as seen here:

    Its a little bigger than the Smart Cat I think, and with the software thats included, you can do a lot of custom stuff on the touchpad - launch apps, send commands, etc. Make an offer. its Brand new and unopened.

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      Probably going to be more $$$ than I wanted to pay, but I emailed you.

      Anyone else?