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Check this baby out!!!

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  • Check this baby out!!!

    mobo that fits in the palm of your hand...
    it retails $420 , $380 if you buy in quantity of 10 or more. Steep cost but this thing got everything you need.

    seems perfect for carputers...LCD controller, TV out, VGA out, sound, 4 COM ports, LAN, USB, consumes less than 55W, AND option to add GPS to it... what the heck are we waiting for, let's buy 1000 of these hehehe. It can even be used as one of those wearable PC's

    04 Acura TL w/ core2duo 2ghz laptop w/ 1gb RAM on a docking station.

    Fast car, fast PC. ;)

    My TL CarPC ver2

    FSR Flash Skin w/ moving weather maps

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    These little computers are cool,but i wish they would make a case for it.
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      There's a ton of these little SBCs out there...only problem is that they all seem to cost at least $400...

      I would LOVE to get my hands on one. Prolly the only way is to get lucky and find one on Ebay.


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        damm thats small..but $400?..yeah right. Thats too much.
        I just got my EPIA 800 mobo..and I thought that was small.
        Mine needs to be updated.


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          processing power is way low. You can get an xscale pda for that price.