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FREE Verizon PC5220 EVDO (take over contract)

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  • FREE Verizon PC5220 EVDO (take over contract)

    I no longer get much use out of my Verizon/Audiovox PC5220 PC Card (PCMCIA) EVDO/1x card. I am willing to give it away for free to someone who will take over my account.

    This card will give your CarPuter (if you have a PC Card slot - like the VIA MII boards do) or Laptop high speed Internet access.

    In areas with EVDO, the speed is 300-500k/second. In areas without EVDO, you have CDMA 1x coverage which is 100-150k/second.

    The plan from Verizon is $79.99/month with Unlimited Access. My contract expires in 6 months (October). You would be reqired to fill out an "assumption of contract" form with Verizon to take over my account, and you would be responsible for the remainder of the contract.

    If you did not want to do the paperwork, I could keep the card on my account and you could pre-pay me for the 6 months when I send you the card. There is a $0.05/month surcharge, for a total of $80.04 per month. For 6 months that is $480.24. If you prepaid me, I would continue to pay the bill for the next 6 months. When the contract expires, I will cancel the service and you can easily start a new account with Verizon on the card.

    I have used this for a year and a half and love it, but I just dont use it as much as I did - I no longer travel as much as I did last year.

    How cool is it to get internet on the carputer anywhere you have a cellular signal?

    Thanks and please email me with any questions (I check PMs often, but if I am out I get email on my PDA so thats much faster). My email is andrew at eBraverman dot com.


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    Nobody wants to add internet access to the carputer?


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      its a great idea but i think 79.99 is alot of money... cable internet for the house isnt even that much. verizon may have good service but its a rip off..especially if tmobile has it for 29.99 with a free card. so what its a little slower but it also has hotspots. just a heads up. didnt mean to threadcrap. if i could afford it for 80 a month id definitely do it. its just alot of money.
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        Thats true... EVDO is very fast, though... 1xRTT is the slower CDMA technology (this card supports both 1xRTT and EVDO) and thats even 2x as fast as the TMobile one... and EVDO is 3-4x the speed of the 1x...

        so... this card is about 8x the speed of the tmobile card (4x the speed of the sprint card)


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          I think its awesome, but Im not willing to pay 80 dollars a month to surf the web in my car.
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