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    I originally ran across these in a local .forsale NG, but the guy is selling them on eBay as well (click <a href="">here</a>). I picked up one yesterday and opened it--it's actually quite a bit more than the blurb on eBay says. I didn't dig deep enough to get to the processor, but another buyer has said it is a 486sx25 or sx33 (I forget which), with 16mb RAM onboard. The mainboard is an SBC plugged into a 3-slot ISA riser, and there are assorted connectors (even a PC/104) on the MB itself. The top slot is filled with what seems to be just a serial card (there are 3 other serial ports, plus a parallel port, on the thing, so it could be replaced with something else without too much trouble). The slot on the side is for a PCMCIA card, plus there is what looks like a laptop HD inside, in addition to the SCSI port on the back. I'm probably going to grab an <a href="">lp3</a> and a PCMCIA ethernet card and use mine as an MP3 jukebox at home, but there are certainly other applications (in a car, for one). I'm not sure about the power supplies, but I think they are DC-DC, probably 12V from the car. I saw some red and yellow wires in there, so I'm assuming it outputs 5 and 12vdc, plus whatever the internal monochrome CRT needs. Anyway, these could be used in a MP3 player for car or for home or just scrapped for parts (there's some pretty cool stuff inside), so I figured I'd post a link to them. There're a bunch up right now, but these may be the end of the lot.

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    Are these thingies Color?
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      I don't think they are, but you could probably stick a video or LCD controller card in the riser.