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looking for keyless entry system

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  • looking for keyless entry system

    hey all i am looking for a simple keyless entry system it can be a used factory one all i really need is of course lock/unlock and trunk release not looking for anything fancy

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    its called ebay, they're like $20
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      yes i have seen the ones on ebay but i usually try to ask on forums that i am a member of first before taking business else where


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        Well, you get what you pay for. I got a $45 cheap keyless entry system and ripped it out a month later. Go spend $200 and get the real deal.

        If your car has it already installed, you can buy remotes on ebay (I did for my new Aerio, 2 remotes were like $30 and they came with programming instructions). If you car doesn't have it but it was an option, see if you can get the module from a junk yard and get the remotes from ebay.


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          nope not a option and if i may ask what were the problems you had that made you pull it?


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            Well, the remote range was very limited (20 ft on a good day) and one of the remotes just died. I also found the buttons on the remote hard to use.


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              ok that kinda crap wasn't sure if it was shorting out stuff or what