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Great Deal, mini wireless ps2 keyboards

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  • Great Deal, mini wireless ps2 keyboards

    I won one of these during the last auction he had... He's just listed 10 more.

    I'll let you know how nice it is when mine shows up in the mail

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    Whoo! Mine just showed up today. Works great, I like how the keys press to (not too clicky)

    One small note, though, two of the keys have stickers on them, because they originally had the wrong thing on them (a control key has a delete key sticker over it, and a delete key has an insert sticker over it)

    Guess that's why their so cheap, but they still work fine


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      I used to want everything to be wireless but I changed my mind after realizing how batteries just don't last long at all specially when its inside the car at 100-130F heat ( in CA ). Everything is wired on my setup now...
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        Eh, It's going to be in my glovebox most of the time. I'm only going to get it out when I really need it. (typing in addresses in gps software, etc)


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          I use this:

          It came with my BookPC. I like it a lot. Very small, yet feels very good to use. Nice spacing and texture. It has built in mouse with 2 buttons, in good positions. Lots of those extra silly buttons.

          Batteries last forever on my wireless devices.

          I wired an off switch onto the keyboard so that I can put it under the seat without worrying about a key getting pressed and draining the batteries. No problem..
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