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    Hey guys,

    I might be able to begin selling a VERY tiny PC (it's about 6" x 6" x 2" and weighs 1.9 pounds!). Here's a description:

    I know some of you have seen these already, and some websites are selling them for around $1100. I should be able to undercut that price.

    The base configuration is Celeron 700, 64 MB RAM, 10 GB HD, 24X CD ROM. I expect that model to go for $850 - $900, based on the response I get. There are upgrades as well. Pentium III's, DVD, etc. If you are interested, definately drop me a note!

    Email me at:


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    How much for a bare bones model? No CPU, no memory, no hard drive, no OS...


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        I could be mildley interested.
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          All of the reviews I have seen state that these things have horrible sound cards.


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            Will you be able supply a car power supply for it?
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              Are you looking for AC-DC or DC-DC?

              The PC actually accepts 18V DC power, but a seriously doubt a car could power it. The inverter solution might be wiser.

              I want to add a quick note, the sound issues have been resolved! Most of the problems were early in the release of the system, and the issues were related to drivers. The drivers have been updated, and the issue should no longer exist. Just a FYI!!