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FS: Motorla T720C Verizon Phone W/ Extras

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  • FS: Motorla T720C Verizon Phone W/ Extras

    I am selling an extra never used but open box Motorola T720C flip phone to be used with Verizon Wireless.

    This phone, I got from a Verizon Insurance Claim that resulted in me getting a new phone, but not needing it because I switched services soon after.

    The Phone comes with all standard equipment and some extras.

    Standard equipment includes:

    1X Phone
    1X Battery
    1X AC House Charger
    1X Belt Clip
    1X User Guide
    1X Accessory Guide

    The extras included are:

    1X Motorla Speakerphone Attachment (Plug it in to the bottom of the phone and now you have a speaker phone, you can still charge the phone even with speaker phone connected) ($20 value)
    1X Motorola T720C Keypad replacement in Silver ($10 Value)
    1X Safeguard cell phone EMW protector (Ask about this if you don't already know what it is)
    1X Cell Antenna Sticker (Ask and ye shall find out)

    I'm asking $50 + Shipping in the US.

    This phone is capable of a data connection of @ least 144KBPS on the internet (!XRTT). For $10 more, I'll include a USB data cable (That also charges the phone) + software to be able to connect to the internet using the phone.

    Next post will include some pictures (Info about phone)
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    1st set of pics!
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      2nd set of Pics
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        3rd set of pics
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          4th set of pics
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            Very interested. Could you PM the ESN Number to make sure I can connect it?
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              PM sent. Sorry for the delay, I was @ work selling phones from 10:00AM-6:00PM. Wanted to be @ beach chillin with the girlies


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                Bumping this thread Fo Shizzle
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