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FS: Parts Express 5" LCD w/ Umax scan converter - $150

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  • FS: Parts Express 5" LCD w/ Umax scan converter - $150

    I bought this stuff a while ago, but now I'm needing money more than I'm needing expensive junk sitting around collecting dust in my soon-to-be vacated apartment. All of it works great, and I kinda hate to get rid of it, but I'm going to stick with my VFD for a while yet.

    The LCD has been cut out of the case, but that doesn't hurt it any. There're a few dead pixels, but I think you get that on the new ones anyway, and with the black background that most people will use, you don't notice (you don't really notice unless you look anyway). The scan converter allows you to hook up a video LCD to any VGA video card. This is nice if you, like I, have a board with integrated video hardware. At 640X480/60 Hz you don't even need any drivers, and it looks pretty good on the LCD. Power is provided via a pass-through tap on the keyboard port, and cables are provided for both AT and PS/2 style ports. Works with DOS and Windows, NTSC and Pal, plus it has S-VHS and RGB outputs in addition to the composite out. Everything is hardware and software adjustable. Still in the box, too, with all the guides and whatnot. Oh, it's also very small.

    Anyway, $150 for both. I'm also open to offers for just one of the items as well.

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    I put the LCD up on eBay. It's at $51, with 4 days left. If anyone is interested, the auction is <a href="">here</a>.


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      Oh, and I put the scan converter up in a separate auction, <a href="">here</a>.