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FS: vide cards and vide capture cards sound too

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  • FS: vide cards and vide capture cards sound too

    for sale NEW (1 week used still in original box)

    The GeForce MX 4000 Provides High-Performance Graphics!
    The cost effective GeForce MX 4000 maintains high memory bandwidth and GPU performance for its class, allowing for rendering complex 3D sceneries. The e-GeForce4 MX 4000 PCI comes standard with displays via VGA and TV-Out through an S-Video Connector.

    EVGA video cards have attained "Designed for Windows XP" certification. These video cards have passed rigorous testing and take full advantage of all of the features and capabilities of Microsoft Windows XP.


    GPU/VPU nVidia GeForce MX 4000

    Video Memory 64MB

    Memory Type DDR

    Memory Bandwidth 4.0GB/sec.

    Interface Type PCI

    Connector(s) VGA

    for a low price of $45 shipped

    for sale

    Watch TV on your PC
    Get interactive TV listings with no monthly fee
    Capture motion video and still images
    Schedule and record TV programs
    Scan channels at a glance
    Zoom in on the action
    Monitor closed captioning for Hot Words1
    Play audio and video CDs2

    $30 OBO

    for sale Phillips Rhythmic Edge PSC703
    High-efficient audio accelerator Philips ThunderBird Avenger;
    256 hardware DirectSound streams and digital mixing;
    acceleration 96 3D audio streams, including processing of reverberation, reflections and obstructions;
    Full duplex, 48 kHz recording and playback;
    MIDI features: integrated 64-voice hardware wavetable synthesizer, 512-voice program XG/GM synthesizer from Yamaha;
    Dual accelerator of game ports with extended compatibility;
    Compatibility with sound API: DirectSound, DirectSound3D, EAX 1.0, EAX 2.0/ I3DL2, A3D 1.0;
    Outputs: for headphones, stereo, 4-channel surround, 5.1-speaker (presence/absence of the letter depends on a model);
    QMSS, extension DVD playback modes (software DVD-player's support required).

    $15 OBO
    too early to tell

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    you know how much a mx4000 is on ebay?
    {edit} ah ok pci... might be worth it then


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      Originally posted by Bodgy
      you know how much a mx4000 is on ebay?
      yeah anywhere from $35 to $60 + shipping, so whats your point?
      too early to tell


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        is that mx4000 low profile?
        S60 Install


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          Originally posted by jcdillin
          is that mx4000 low profile?

          you can always buy the bracket.

          too early to tell


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            price droped.
            too early to tell