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FS:12" touch screen lcd

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  • FS:12" touch screen lcd

    it's a phillips 12.1" lcd display,800x600 native res,millions of colors,looks great.The only problem i have with it is the elo touch overlay dosent have free osx drivers and they would cost me about 150 to purchase.The overlay is a 5 wire resistive,solid glass panel,so optical quality is excellent.My plans are chaging a little bit so i need to move this.$300 shipped and its all adapters are included,as well as a serial cable.The lcd controller has vga and composite rca inputs.

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    Any pics of this in action?
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      Not at the moment.Its all packed up right now so I really dont wanna hook it all up.But if your serious,I can prolly get it done sometime this week between work


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        does it include the VGA-LCD controller or just the LCD pannel and TS kit?
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          lcd controller is attached to the back of the lcd,along with everything else.It's a plug and play unit.


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            Still here...try and get pics of it running tonight...


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              sorry my photography isnt the best tonight,frist shot is just so you can see what res is running and things,displays the background nice an crisp,plenty bright,and thats with the overlay on already.Second is during the lotr movie,give you an idea of how well it can brighten things up and such...text is pretty easy to read on the display,native 800x600 res,with ac/dc power supplies,vga cable,and serial cable.All for just $300...just think of the fun


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                lets trade :-D chck out the forsale thread


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                  does it take 12v u mentioned an ac/dc adapter. also the drivers for osx are unavailible are they availible for xp/2k? thanks
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                    From what i see on elo's site,there is xp and windows 2000 drivers avalible for free download.It comes with both an ac and dc power supply,nothing fancy,but should get the job done fine.


                    checked the list but didnt see anything i really needed....i wonder if i could get the somftwar i need to run on the pocketpc...prolly dosent have a serial port though i suppose?