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  • FS: Laptop whole or parts


    I'm new to the site and really looking to build a carputer! I don't have the money, but would like to start making it by selling a laptop that my fiancee dropped

    The laptop worked fine afterwards, except that the power connecter on the mb was damaged, so you had to hold the wire just right to get power (it also killed the battery in that serge).

    So, here are the parts:

    1.) Pentium III 850 Mhz on a Toshiba Satellite 3005-S303

    * 256Kb Level 2 cache
    * 100MHz FS
    * Obviously this is the damaged part (the motherboard. If you're good at soldering and have a place that sells this darn little connecter, you're golden).
    * Nvidia Geforce2Go Graphics Card (w/ 16Mb onboard Memory)
    * Power adapter
    You can have the case/and all other pieces to include peripheral connections and special buttons with the mb. Oh, and I should have manuals and cds; I keep everything (if you want them). The case is pretty badly cracked but still usable for hidden in the car or whatever (Toshiba makes a really cheap laptop case).

    Name your price - I'm not expecting much, other than coverage for power adapter...


    2.) 14.1 TFT Active-Matrix Display (XGA) Supporting up to 16M colors at 1024x768
    * No marks or bad pixels at all

    At least $25...

    3.) 256MB SDRAM Crucial (133Mhz bus)

    At least $30

    That's all for now. I think I'll salvage my 20gb hard drive and dvd/cdrw slimline for my future install

    Send me an email if you want, pm me, answer on this board; doesn't matter to me. You can check me out on ebay, I'm jiffynut, and I have a great rating. I would accept paypal payment.

    Each will be shipped with whatever terms we agree (actual shipping cost only)

    Please don't hesitate to ask questions. All prices are negotiable!

    Thanks for looking!

    Almost forgot the pictures

    Wow, those are some big pics. You might view them better at My Website if you want.

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    is $25+shipping reasonable for the mb and power brick, I really don't know what the power supply is worth.
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      Fairly reasonable

      I just posted last night. I'll see if I can get any other bids and let you know in a day or 2.

      Thanks, and I'll let you know ASAP,