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4x20 Inverted Character LCD prewired and a processor for sale

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  • 4x20 Inverted Character LCD prewired and a processor for sale

    Hey all,

    Its summer time and that means upgrading my dorm mp3 player so I've got some parts for ya'll if interested.

    4x20 INVERTED character LCD prewired with a 3 ft cable (so it'd need an extension for a car)

    and a 200MHz upgrade processor (my crap mobo wouldn't take over 90 so I had to use this) from Evergreen Technologies

    both have been used during the past school year (Sept00-Apr01) and both work fine.

    I dont know what to charge so offer me something and we'll negotiate..trades are cool too....tell me what you got sitting around and maybe we can work something out or if you live near Grand Rapids or Lansing Michigan the possibilities are endless.

    - JustAGuy

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    I' m new to this kind of stuff, but would you be able to ship to the UK, and if so about how much would you want for the display and shipping???


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      As long as you pay shipping costs I have no problem shipping to the UK. I really don't know what's fair to ask for a LCD since I haven't priced one is a while. I bought it for $80 when inverted LCDS were just breakin' out...maybe $50-60 would suffice.

      E-mail me and we'll talk and if you need any other parts just let me know. Like most people on this board I have heaps of computer parts just lying around. Hey, that gives me an idea..people should post the contents of their part heaps (useful stuff only, I dont want to hear about your 286)

      that'd be kind of cool to have a sell/trade parts sections on these BBs.

      P.S. - LCD is prewired for a parallel port.

      - JustAGuy


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        it gets its power from the parallel port?
        '99 Civic Si
        Electron Blue


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          I've got a 233 mobo/chip in my closet...

          and a few penitum 90's and boards

          and it goes down from there


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            That sounds like about what I got lying around...nothing too great. I have like 3 gutted cases with power supplies..a socket 7 mobo..some decent floppy drives a 1.8gig HD (absolutely huge.....5 years ago :-(
            a P90, more expansion slot covers than I can count and a full 486DX2 80MHz

            btw...can anyone think of anything creative to do with a 486DX2 80MHz system...its just been sitting there in my basement forever...I think ive gotten it to play mp3s before but i haven't done much with it.

            - JustAGuy