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FS: 10.4" touchscreen display

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  • FS: 10.4" touchscreen display

    i'm selling my 10.4" datalux touchscreen LCD * SOLD *

    this is a model LMV10CB, it has updated insides, it was freashly refurbished. looks and works like new, better then new actually. i belive it has/was updated with the 500cd/m backlight, very bright, but i cant really verfiy this without opening it i guess.

    3M touchscreen - driver disc included
    640X480 res.
    VGA and Serial connections
    12v 1A input
    never installed, like new.

    datalux link

    touchscreen works great, i just tested it.
    asking $250 or trade for Xenarc or similar 7" vga display

    shipping will be actual fed-ex shipping charge, should be under $15 in the U.S.

    I am paypal verfied.

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    can you give me the dimensions?

    measure the whole case, plastic and all.
    I'mmmmmm a n00b.... feel free to make fun


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      ya its on the site, here:


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        wanna trade for my pocket pc?? check out my forsale thread i spent over 350 on it but i wanna get rid of it cuz its no use for me and i need the cash or something else


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          some one wants this.. i need somthing smaller


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            I will give you $105. + the $15. shipping. that is five bucks higher than I bid for it on EBAY.


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              haha busted. you suck. i almost feel bad.

              i guess i'll sell it somewhere else. damn this thing is just a little too big!

              i just wana trade for a 7" now, thats why i was shootin high.. should have known it was from another mp3car'er


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                Ill Give You 130 Shipped
                i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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                  check your pm....


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                    i would love it but i guess shipping would be just toooooo much
                    VIA EPIA TC 10000 1Ghz Motherboard,
                    Lilliput 7" Touchscreen

                    ALL ABOVE NEEDS SELLING !
                    OFFERS WELCOME

                    2008 Astra H Sportive SE 1.9 CDTI
                    2006 Quadzilla Stinger 250e Quad Bike
                    2000 Saab 9-3 Viggen Convertible


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                      can this thing run 800x600? i have a 12.1" screen.. im making it fit, but im not pleased with how big it looks on my dash...

                      if so, i think i am interested


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                        i have a xenarc 7" tsv monitor custom mounted in MDF to make it fit flush in a double DIN opening....i just recentaly redid the mdf so there are no scratches or blemishes....i was considering getting my hands on a 10.4" id have to measure to make sure it will fit in my car.....let me know if you are interested....


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                          its 640x480

                          delirious do you have any pics of your monitor in the mdf?


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