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F/S Keypower DC-DC 250Watt, GPS receiver, and USB audio

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  • F/S Keypower DC-DC 250Watt, GPS receiver, and USB audio

    Well got some more stuff to get rid of.
    First off is my Keypower DC-DC 12V 250 WATT Power Supply, I was using this baby in my carputer setup and the music was clean with no noise from PSU. I would like $85 shipped.

    Second is a Garmin GPS35PC serial GPS receiver, I cut the cigarette lighter connector which supplies the power to the receiver and used a molex type connector which connects directly to the PC's power supply. I would like $65 shipped. for more info check this link:

    Third is a Creative Labs Sound Blaster MP3+ external USB sound card,
    Model No. S80270.
    I really like this card because it has RCA connectors for line in and line out which can go directly to the auxiluary input of your deck or directly to amp by just using regular RCA cables. I would like $25 shipped.

    and lastly for now, is a PCI Flex extension card which can relocate a PCI component. I bought this guy brand new to lay my sound card down for $50 bucks, I'll let it go for $15.00 shipped.
    If anybody is interested in any of this items or if there is any questions please let me know.
    Thank you.
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    really want the usb soundblaster card. you got pm!


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      Neo Max You got PM


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        Interested in psu and flex pci. You got pm.


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          7mmMKsuper sent you PM


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            Well it looks like the only item left is the serial GPS receiver, if anybody is interested let me know.


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              dibs on the keypower
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                Does that GPSr use a 12v input or the 5v one? If it's 12v, I'll give you $45 for it...
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                  phord you got PM.