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micro / mini atx system w/ LCD and all the goodies

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  • micro / mini atx system w/ LCD and all the goodies

    I spent the last 2 or 3 months working on the new micro atx system I got.

    I wired some switches for it, built a case, wired up a DC-DC PSU ( arise) Even got an 8.4 Color TFT for it.

    And after all that work.... It board me.
    I need a new project, so here goes.

    I would prefer to sell the whole thing with all the parts ( cpu, ram, hd, psu, LCD Etc. ) but I would cinsider spliting it up.

    The LCD is at for testing right now. as soon as it gets back Im looking to sell the whole setup.

    right now it runs the folowing Arise (45 wat I tihnk) DC Supply, p133, 32 mb ram, 2 gb hd,24x cd-rom, win 98, 8.4 TFT Color LCD .
    It has onboard serial(4) USB(2) VGA, 10/100 Ethernet sound

    When I sell it It will have 64 mb ram, p233 ( or k6450 if it works) I have not tried DVD , but if it works , I will add that too.
    In a plexi case w/ all the cables and software I used to load it.

    To give you some idea -
    450.00 The board
    200.00 LCD
    100.00 cable kit
    75.00 DC-DC Power

    The board and lcd are rough estimates of what they are worth.
    The other prices are what I paid for the stuff.

    Im not puting a offer price on it- Im just saying its for sale, and whoever offers the highest bid, its yours.

    Keep in mind the time spent building it / making the case / r&d and such. At this point Im just looking to sell it off , get what I can and invest it into more toys for my larger system. and are great resources about cables ,and connectors and documentation for the board. Lanner calls the board em-586 Amer calls it AE-PLVA1

    Information, specs, and pics can be found at
    Techonlogy on Wheels

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    gizmomkr: i am really curious as to why u are selling it? Did u start off on the wrong setup?
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      Something wrong with the EM-586? I haven't even had time to hook mine up yet


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        YGM!YGM! Big Offer!


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          Like I said,

          I have a system allready. I have invested close to 3 grand in my larger system.

          I think the EM-586 is a *great* board. But I think someone that was looking for a *TINY* compact player would have beter use of it.

          I want (and have) so much extra stuff in my setup ( using an ASUS board) and I could only have 2 cards in the EM-586 board. I have a tv/dvd card, SCSI & PCI to PCMCIA
          In the card slots I have GPS and wireless lan.

          My only reason for selling is I want to focus my time and resources on my other system. Not to mention, I only have one car... what am I going to do with 2 car-pc's ?

          My only quarm with the EM board is the sound card. It seems to have a lot of background noise to it. I asked around, and most people say the ESS chipset just sucks, but I think it might be related to the -5v supply line.

          I'm not sure about this, but seem to remember that most dac circuits use the negative line to run, and in some cases will function poorly (i.e. static / noise) if the negative supply is not present.

          I have not had time to connect the -5v line from the supply, but I'm hoping doing this might clear up the noise.

          I have tested the unit fully with a usb sound device ( I got a usb headset for 40.00 and soldered rca's to it) and this works well. Verry clean sound.

          But for now, the thing just sits on my desk, wasting time, space, and money
          Techonlogy on Wheels


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            Originally posted by BigSwizzel:
            <STRONG>YGM!YGM! Big Offer! </STRONG>
            YGM ???

            PII 266, 512 MB RAM, 10 Gig, 36x CD-ROM, 16x DVD, DeLorme GPS, 5.6" LCD Screen, Dschmidt power controller, Keypower ATX DC-DC Supply, PowerAmp Macro controller, Dauphin mini-Kbd.
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              I offer $200 with 4 months of downpayment $50 per month.

              The problem is that you probably don't trust me on this based solely on my word. And I don't exactly have any proof that you can do so to offer either. But my cashflow is low (but steady ) I can give you my mothers phone number ... She will say that I'm a trustworthy person.

              That's why I can't offer much more than upto $60-$70 when not doing downpayment.
              Currently missing ATX DCDC power & LCD stuff =)


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                Well, the e-mails have died down, so unless someone else is interested in the package - bigswizzel has the winning bid of 900.00

                Going once, Twice....
                Techonlogy on Wheels


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                  Dos: YGM = you got mail

                  I had to think about it for a second.